Cyber Security Management Services

Did you know, Cronus was not the god of Cyber Security.

Cyber Security Management Services

HybridActive Cyber Security Management provides clients with a true sense of security. We utilize and help our clients to implement the best in practice procedures and polices as a core component because we have found that most breaches happen from internal threats.

You can directly reduce the risk to your customers, by underpinning declining income, and degraded brand's mental availability by protecting against DDoS attacks, abusive bots, and data breach scams.

  • Global Network Coverage
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Rate Limiting
  • SSL / TLS
  • Secure Registrar
  • Sphere Security
  • Thaumas Tunnel
  • Authentication Path
  • Refraction

Have you ran a Real-time testing vulnerability assessment today? Why NOT?
"be a hero and we won't tell anyone"

We provide our clients with strengthened services and security for each of our product offerings and hold Cyber Security Management as one of our core competencies. HybridActive provides our clients with a free vulnerability assessment and develops a plan for remediation based on our findings. We help to secure all layers of our clients network security including wireless and physical proximity.

HybridActive Secure Layered Security Shield (SLSS) Service includ but isn't limited to:

  • Remote monitoring (from our 24/7/365 manned managed security operations center)
  • Desktop Operating System hardening (gold level deploys that include secured patch management)
  • Unified Threat Management (UMT) the ultimate ecosystems is when you're able to combine firewall, network antivirus, email security, intrusion detection and prevention, as well as cloud or hardware based firewalls in to a single vertical system.
  • Monitoring of internal and external network traffic (while utilizing AI to assess good traffic from malicious to prevents disruptions caused by bad traffic, while allowing good traffic through, keeping websites, applications and APIs highly available and performant)
  • Realtime Threat Tracking - HybridActives mantra ROBUST is internally developed by our NOC team (Realtime Optimization Backbone Upstream Source Techniques) to amazement our management team.